10 Basic things a Hotel must offer for Guests

Many imaginative hotels are established across the world with some sort of special services such as restaurants, clubs and swimming pools for the guests. But in the limelight of these unique services, they forget to consider the basic things that a PG in Pune for male or hotel must provide to the guests to enhance their experience. So, here is the list of ten basic facilities that a hotel must provide in any circumstances.

  1. Cleanliness: It is undeniable that cleanliness is important in every type of hotel whether it is five-star or the ordinary one. The highest standard of cleanliness speaks a lot about the reputation of the hotel and it comprises of cleaning in bathrooms, bedrooms, sheets and facilities.


Before the guest enters into the room, they must make sure that everything is on the place and nothing seems dirty. Not only the rooms but also the elevator, the grounds and the lobby must be neat and clean. All the things look well-polished and well dusted as it is a good indicator and leaves an impression on the guest.

  1. Sufficient safety: Not only friendly customer support makes the guest happy but also the proper system for the security and safety of the guests matter a lot. Before booking any hotel, it is recommended to search properly about it and then make a final decision. Inadequate security put the property as well as the guest in danger.
  1. Internet: In this world of technology, every person needs to have a stable internet connection and internet services provided by a hotel or PG accommodation in Pune levels up the reputation and also improve customer experience. The internet is very essential for living and works as a breathing point for a human.
  1. Comfortable beds: Enjoying a good night sleep is must whether you are planning to go for business purposes or spending vacations over there. Good sleep can make you feel energetic and fresh to enjoy the next day. A comfortable bed is crucial for booking a hotel and it must be cosy.
  1. The Bathroom Plumbing: Let be honest and it is all about the personality and condition of the bathroom, as it needs to be in a proper condition and provide all the necessary facilities that are required for the guests. It is not just that the bathroom ought to equipped with high-level showers and hot water but it is all about the proper condition of the area. It does not seem horrible and there should be no mould as well as the outlets must be in good condition.
  1. Answer phone calls attentively: The hotel’s policy speaks a little when someone talks you the customer in a very rude manner and it affects the customer experience. Moreover, it lowers the professional image of the hotel if all the queries are not answered in an attentive manner.
  1. Lighting: Adequate lighting must be offered in every room and it is a big issue with all the hotels. It is really a huge hassle.
  1. Aroma: The first impression can be made by talking to someone firstly and it really counts. The fragrance in the hotel room connects the guest with the hotel and it can also be preferred as a culture of the hotel.
  1. Simple and tasty food: Food and beverages vary from one hotel to others and reflect the level of service. Basic meals avail by the hotel add to the experience of the guest about the hotel or PG hostel in Pune.
  1. Check-In/Check-Out: Today, the processing of check-in and check-out are not much boring and it can be customized. Make sure these are very rapid and would not take much time of the client.