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What are the top five house-buying dealbreakers?

Can you imagine finding your dream house, only to discover once you’ve moved in that it’s riddled with a myriad of problems that will cost you a small fortune to fix? Here is a look at some of the most common dealbreakers in new homes.

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Damp houses are depressing. They smell, they make your clothes smell, and mould and other nasties can grow, making them harmful to your health. Damp is often a sign of another problem somewhere – perhaps water leaks or even subsidence. According to the Guardian, cracks in the wall are a sure sign of subsidence. Subsidence is expensive to fix in terms of time and money, and houses with it are best avoided. 

Old connections

Nothing lasts forever, and this is especially true for old electrics or plumbing that has not been done properly. Electricity can cause fires, plumbing water leaks, and other problems. Make sure you know what to expect with older homes.

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It’s no longer used, but it may still be lurking in some old houses and has to be removed by specialist companies because it is carcinogenic. It will cost a lot to have it removed, and even if it’s not disintegrating when you buy the house, it will at some point in time. Its presence should be picked up somewhere in the conveyancing process, so avoid it like the plague.

Energy Efficiency

Older houses were not built with energy efficiency in mind, and it may be costly to make the necessary changes, such as double-glazing and new boilers. Check out the Energy Performance Certificate of your chosen house before you buy, and determine whether the price of the house is realistic for the amount and cost of any work you will need to do to make it cost-effective to run.

Use a reputable company such as to arrange for a survey and other advice about the process.


We all have different needs in this regard, whether it’s nearby schools if you have young children, good rail links if you commute, or crime rates. Keep in mind that locations, like hemlines, change over time. Do your homework first so you know which way the trend is going.

If you carry out due diligence, you should be fine – as long as you know what to look for!


The Pros and Cons of Renting Out to College Students

If you own a rental property near a university or college your first thought might be to rent it out to them. But there is a matter of concern for many landlords if they should rent out to a younger, often, less mature individual.  At the same time, they don’t want to miss out on a great chance to charge competitive rent. It is definitely a decision worth weighing the pros and cons.

Pros when renting out to College students

  • With mom and dad supporting them, you can feel confident you’ll get rent on time on a consistent basis.
  • With a University or College nearby there will be demand from students in particular. Knowing this, you can charge a competitive rate due to the housing demand from students.
  • Many Universities offer programs to help market your property to help you get a steady flow of prospective tenants.
  • Students may be less demanding and not be overly concerned with minor issues.

Cons when renting out to College students

  • College students can stay at the same property for several years (during their time at school) but many may only stay for a year or less. This leads to more time involved in tenant screening, marketing, etc.
  • They’re a younger individual and may be less mature. That said, they may not care for the property the way an older, more mature person may care for it.
  • There is the obvious concern for property damage. This may be a result of a party or simply not properly caring for their rental space.
  • College students may struggle to pay for rent if they’re without a job, financial support from their parents or a loan.

Despite the cons listed above, many experts believe that renting to college students is, generally speaking, a good idea. Granted, there may be issues you’ll need to deal with that are unlike those of an older, more mature individual, the pros can outweigh the cons if you do your due diligence.

How to minimize risk when renting to students

  • Require the student to sign the lease as well as his or her parents or legal guardian(s). By having them on the agreement as well, they may think twice when it comes to maintaining the property and having student parties.
  • Put certain rules into writing like the student halls and dorms have. For example, no burning candles, fires, charcoal grills, weaponry etc.
  • Do not pay for utilities. College students are often on their own for the first time and may not realize the true cost of leaving the TV and A/C on all day until they see the bill.
  • Check in on the property each month. If you go months on end without seeing the property a small problem may turn into a very big problem. Consider hiring an apartment rental management company to help keep up with the day to day communication and check-ins as well.

Should you choose to rent out your property to College students, consider using the list above to save you a lot of stress and, potentially, additional costs.

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Get condos for sale in toronto developed by Tridel at an affordable rate

Among others, we need to look for first-class condos which give stunning look and features. For commercial, retail and rentals in Downtown, Tridel condominiums take place necessary role for providing an ambitious mixture. Of course, condos for sale in toronto developed by Tridel offers an exclusive arrival that makes a proper solution for the extension of urban vibrancy. It meets expectation as it delivers quick results for carrying out top-notch condominium living experience. Thus, it offers an excellent solution for one who needs to grab more features when compared with others. Based on urban vibrancy, it takes average time for carrying out much condominium introducing in anticipated lifestyles.

Meet commercial space

In Toronto, the host will approximately have 10,000 people daily and worked well. Moreover, it stands foremost choice for creating massive ambitious endeavor in Canada. Thus, it grabs many things to evaluate condominium lifestyle at the Well. It begins to carry out Well Development team includes residential condominiums by Tridel, residential rentals. Apart from it, commercial space begins to meet the requirements clearly without any hassles. The professional team will develop many things suitable for commercial space and rentals.

A major development in condos

It can live the progress that begins to carry out construction feed by updating features. Moreover, it carries out major development in evaluating an honest way of meeting the desires. Get the necessary amenities that belong to care a lot by involving major development. See information on condos for sale in toronto developed by Tridel without any hassles. Therefore, it grabs many things suitable for updating the office space and commercials. This is nothing but an ideal transformation begins to carry out major benefits for new homes and communities.

Perfect commercial and retail space

Unlike others, modern condominium has lots of things establish to revolve around the factors. It also connects with close proximities and surroundings. It is quickly developed concerning new homes and communities. A tradition inspires many things as it evaluates the standard lifestyle. It transforms the office space that believes in the facilities for the master-planned community. Condo rental in Toronto begins to carry out massive options for bold reflection. So, it does not take much time to complete your projects. It stands as best one that imparts to make proper commercial space and retails in a condominium.

World-class amenities

With the most innovative and sustainable concept in building a condominium, your outcome is familiar due to unique amenities. It takes one to evaluate your living standard by grabbing properties at condos for sale in toronto developed by Tridel. Many advanced features permit one to make true innovation because it grabs many things as quickly as possible. Home and community standard developed concerning featuring world-class amenities. So, one needs to make proper guidance for landscaped grounds for connecting.

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5 Strategies to Boost Employee Retention in Property Management

The brightest of all the employees are hard to maintain. Especially when they possess all of the required skills which are hottest in the market. This gets into a real challenge in the business of property managers. This usually goes out of the scope of human resources people and their department resulting in the company being in a great loss. The employment opportunities are growing with time and hence the people do leave the jobs earlier and with the hope to get a new one. This article brings you all the hottest strategies to boost employee retention in property management companies.

Culture of addition and love

The women are a great workforce and they are said to be more organized than their male counterparts. But sadly it is reported that women are being lost in the corporations because they don’t offer the professional culture which women as a minority wants. The retention rate is very low and has become a real challenge. There are considerable no support and considerations from the managers in this regard. Also, the promotion level culture often demotivates the women to lose all their enthusiasm in the workplace mainly they don’t get the same opportunities outside the work.

The feedback is crucial

Many of the times employee feedback is ignored and not taken into account at all. Even in the cases where employees show up and voice their opinions about a topic they are just listened and not acted upon sadly. The management should be involved in active and effective communication with the employees at all levels. The listening of all kinds of feedback will boost your organization’s efficiency and will build an unsaid level of trust.

Promoting the people onto the leadership positions

The awards and the merit determine how happy an employee is. This comes in the category of employee management and the trends coupled with the research has shown positive retention results. The employees shouldn’t be just restricted and put into training and recruiting process. The creates a different level of impact on the whole workforce within an organization.

Employee rebranding

Before you hop onto the question of what things are making your employees leave your organization. You should question yourself if you are investing the money rightly on your employees. This may range from varied and multifaceted engagements which are easy to remember in the long run. You can spend money on their workshops and certifications. This will make them grow in their respective career paths and will help them in getting engaged as well.

Leave no chance in an exit interview

One can’t help too much if the employees are too firm on their decision to leave. However, what can be done is to know their real motives and reasons for them going from your organization. This can be a tricky affair for many including the human resource department. The reasons for employee turnovers can serve as a new approach to apply new methodologies for better employee experience.

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