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Buying a dream home in Spain? Here’s 4 Things You Definitely Need To Know

If you’ve decided you finally deserve that dream holiday home in Spain, or even fancy a permanent move into the sunshine, here are a few things you need to know:

Find yourself an expert

Spanish property law is packed with quirks that can confuse international investors, especially when they’re searching for their first property. As such, it’s essential to find an independent lawyer who understands the inner workings of Spanish land law. Independent means someone who works solely on your behalf and is not closely affiliated with sellers or developers. And as tempting as it might sound, resist any temptation to cut corners. You want a lawyer that crosses every T and puts a dot over every last I.

Get your eyes on those credentials

If you’re working with a Spanish lawyer, make sure they’re a registered, practicing member of the local bar association. If so, they should be able to produce a registration number. You also need to check that they have professional indemnity insurance and always seek impartial legal advice before you sign anything or hand over any money. And if there’s a language barrier, never guess or assume that you understand each other. Hire a translator instead. You can find info on hiring translators at the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs website.

Do all of your homework

If you’re taking out a mortgage for your Spanish home, make sure you know what kind of mortgage you’re getting into. The first thing to do is find out if the lender is authorized to operate in Spain. You can do this by contacting the Bank of Spain. When looking over the many types of mortgages available, pay extra attention to the interest rate and repayment schedule, as well as any setup or cancellation fees. And be mindful:  if you fall into arrears and the property is repossessed with negative equity, the bank can recover the loss via your other assets via a European Enforcement Order.

Extra consideration for coastal and rural properties

If you’ve got your eye on an idyllic coastal property, contact the Coastal Demarcation office to check that the building is not affected by 1988 coastal law. A certificate of exemption will prevent you from getting trapped in some complicated and expensive disputes about the public and private boundaries around your house. Be extra careful if the land registry states the property is built on rural land. The government tends to reserve this for agricultural purposes, meaning there may be issues with planning permission for residential use.

These are just four of the things you need to know about buying a property in Spain – that’s why it’s crucial you work with reputable and established legal experts and estate agents. ValuVillas have been a market leader in the Spanish property sector for 30 years. Based in Javea along the Costa Blanca, they’ve got a fantastic portfolio of properties now available and are always on hand to guide you through the buying process.


How To Avoid Killer Bees This Summer

The killer honeybees, also known as the Africanized Honey Bees, are a type of honeybee that tenaciously safeguards their hive. The name “killer honey bee” is somewhat deceptive because honeybees are tiny and its sting is less venomous than other honeybee species. Furthermore, the killer honeybees can be deadly; they are provoked, causing them to sting their target steadily. In any chance that killer honey bees are attacking you, you should run as fast as you can and look for a place to hide. When you find the right prevention method, you can avoid being stung by the killer honeybees this summer. There two major ways to get rid of killer bees; alert professional bee control companies near you, or use the following tips to avoid being stung by them;

Do not jump into the water to escape bees: try not to jump into a body of water to avoid bees because they will wait for you to surface. There was a case when a swarm of bees hovered for hours over a guy in a lake; they stung him whenever he came up for air. He only survived because the bees return to their hive after sunset. So jumping into water is not a good idea at all.

Secure your head and face: The killer bees will focus on your head and face zone, and the most extreme wounds are typically sustained in those zones. Make sure you cover your head and face when you are being attacked by the killer bee, using a blanket, your shirt or a sheet. However, you do need to position the sheet or cover appropriately so you can still see under it. If by any chance that you don’t have anything to wrap your head and face with, you can use your hands to cover your face, trying not to cover your eyes so you can watch where you are going.

Run, Run and Run: If you unintentionally disturb the killer bees’ nest, run right away. Endeavor to get to an enclose safe shelter, like a vehicle or just keep running until the honey bees quit tailing you. You might want to run a quarter mile or more from where the attack started. Just as I said before, cover your face when running away without covering your vision.

Wear light-colored clothing: The killer bees have always known the dark colors as their most common enemies like badgers and bears. So for this reason, wear light-colored clothing so you won’t be a threat to them. Do not wear red because this color appears black to the killer bees. So avoid wearing that color as well.

Do not disturb: try not to disturb or approach the nest of a killer bee. If you see bees exiting or entering a rock crevice, tree cavity, a hole in the ground, just assume that there is a nest there and leave the area as soon as possible.

Pay attention to their behavior: when you see a bee starts to swarm over you, they are probably trying to warn you not to come any closer. However, do not swat at them just leave that area.

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Ways To Grow Your Business With Commercial Mortgage

In an ideal world, nobody would ever need to borrow money from a bank or a financial institution to grow their business. Business loans simply would not exist. Entrepreneurs would always have a sufficient amount of funds at their disposal, and whenever a new opportunity arose that required additional investment, they could carry it out by withdrawing the necessary sum from their bank accounts. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work.

Small business owners often need a cash injection to grow their businesses, and in that regard, Commercial Mortgage may be the best solution. However, nobody is attracted to the idea of ​​paying interest on a mortgage. While it is true that interest payments can be high, you should consider this problem from a different point of view.

The question you should ask yourself when applying for a mortgage is: “Will the benefit that my company will obtain when using the borrowed money be greater than my interest payments?”. If your answer is affirmative, then you can consider that your interest rate is fair. Definitely, it’s a good idea to go ahead and borrow the money your company needs.

How can your company use the money from a commercial mortgage? Here we offer you several ideas that you may find very useful.

  1. Buy new equipment

It is essential to update the machinery and equipment you use in your business from time to time. If you use old tools and tools in poor condition, your productivity may decrease. In addition, you will offer a bad image if your company is customer-oriented.

But buying machinery can be expensive. You have to invest a significant amount in advance. You can always ask your provider if you provide financing through monthly payments. If this is not possible, consider a commercial loan as your second best option. A mortgage can be the perfect solution when it comes to buying equipment.

  1. Pay your suppliers before they give you discounts

Do you know the term “2/10 net 30”? It is a form of payment offered by many suppliers, and that has advantages. It means that if you pay within ten days after your purchase, you can get a 2% discount. The other option you have is to pay the total amount in 30 days.

Do the math for yourself. It may make sense to get a loan to pay your suppliers ahead of time and get a discount.

  1. Encourage your marketing activities

The most effective way to grow your business is to sell more. That’s simple but how to get it? Good entrepreneurs know that a well-focused marketing campaign can boost their sales. But traditional marketing methods and even digital marketing require investment. A mortgage used for this purpose can be an excellent investment because it will generate additional sales.

  1. Expand your business to other areas

With a commercial mortgage, you can grow your business by expanding your geographic coverage. This does not necessarily mean that you open a new office or a new location, nor that you rent an additional warehouse for your products. You can expand your business by expanding the radius of your potential customers, targeting clients in a nearby location through ads in the appropriate media. You can also launch an online advertising campaign aimed at a larger audience.

  1. Set up or improve your company’s website

If your company does not have a website, it’s time for you to build one. Small businesses with an online presence have more credibility and reach than companies that do not appear in a Google search. The money you spend on digital marketing and the improvement of your website can generate very high returns. If you do not have the money for this investment, a commercial mortgage can be a great idea.

  1. Increase your income by selling on credit

If you work in the business services industry, you can sell credit to your customers. Let’s imagine that you are a wholesaler that sells your products to restaurants. You can win customers to your competition if you offer more attractive credit terms. And your existing customers may decide to buy in larger quantities if you accept longer credit periods.

While this could mean higher sales and profits, you can also put your cash flow in a delicate situation. That’s where mortgages for companies can bring you a solution. If you decide to adopt this strategy, do it with caution. In your effort to increase sales volumes, do not go too far by providing the terms to your customers. Waiting too long for your payments could end up being an inconvenience.

  1. Improve your product or service

A superior product or a better service can attract more customers. The investment you make to improve your product or service can help you get more customers and grow your business. Remember that you may not need drastic changes in the products you offer. Often, something as simple as a change in packaging or an improvement in only one particular aspect of your products can result in an increase in your sales.


5 Tips To Build The Perfect Customized House

While custom homes are growing immense popularity over time, building one might be an arduous task when you aren’t aware of its nitty-gritty. This is because you can actively decide what all to include in such a house along with going ahead with customizations that suitably fit your budget. However, there goes a lot more than deciding on a fitting budget when you’re going forward with the construction of a customized house.

How you lay down your plans is inherently going to impact the way your custom home will turn out to be. Thus, chalked down here are some handy tips to help you out in this process.

Figure out the functional aspect

Before you hop on to the aesthetic details and several design elements, it’s imperative to have laid down plans regarding how you want your home to function. All the visual aspects can be tailored once you’ve decided the functionality of your element maja  (in English: element house) according to your lifestyle.

For this, you need to analyze the space for storage, the size of rooms, parking design, and everything that decides the primary functioning. This will ease things out when you include aesthetic elements as you will have the basic layout prepared.

●  Think about the future

Carrying out changes is inevitably going to be costlier than designing a layout that considers these beforehand. This means pondering upon the kind of family you are going to have and then preparing the plan accordingly.

At this step, assess whether you’re having plans for a baby or whether your parents are going to stay with you. Moreover, you need to consider your job aspect so as to decide whether including an office space would be necessary. Keeping these future changes considered will help you cut down hefty costs that come around when you’re modifying your customized home at a much later stage.

●  Get along with a reliable home builder

Yes, it’s your dream home, and you have the right to decide every minute detail. However, hiring a professional home builder at an early stage will come in handy when you’re confused about things that don’t fall under your expertise.

They are professionals who not only hold ample knowledge about the area but also know how to integrate flexibility as the construction goes ahead. However, ensure checking their experience, testimonials, and builder’s license before investing your money.

Find a suitable construction site

The land on which your custom hold sits is actively going to impact your living experience along with deciding its overall cost. Therefore, be proactive about assessing the available choices on various grounds before you move forward with the deal.

While you’re at it, consider the neighborhood as well as the proximity to several essential places (e.g. hospitals, schools, eateries, etc.) as utmost deciding factors. Don’t hesitate when it comes to discussing with your home builder regarding the compatibility of your construction site with the layout of your custom home.

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Real Estate Market in China, it is about Lead Generation

Matthieu David-Experton, CEO and organizer of Daxue Consulting, clarifies a few difficulties of the land showcase in China: “First, there is the issue that accessibility fits financial specialists yet does not fit people, particularly youngsters, and cushy laborers with a solitary pay. Besides, costs are going up regardless of whether individuals can’t stand to purchase. For example, after the securities exchange crash in summer 2015, costs in Shenzhen went up twofold digit. Thirdly, dangers from Chinese guidelines emerge; you can’t show somebody out of the loft as a result of a credit, for example, as government’s fundamental concern is to remain a steady society and maintain a strategic distance from unrest”. On the off chance that you are keen on how the moving government arrangements sway the land showcase in China, click here to peruse more.

The customer asks the likelihood of selling venture shares online in China

Chinese interest in Western land is high. The way that Chinese as of now represent 32 percent of outsiders who purchase genuine bequests in the United States underlines the pattern. The unpredictable proprietorship rules and the taking off costs in China are the essential drivers for the expansion. Daxue Consulting’s customer, a Western REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), needed to investigate its chance of selling speculation shares online in the country. Accordingly, the organization moved toward Daxue’s advisors to give them a comprehension of the land advertise in China, its guidelines, and potential speculation stages.

The essential strides to respond to the customer’s inquiries concerning the land showcase in China

Daxue Consulting began with a broad work area research to pick up a first review of the market. The examination group distinguished the present strategy and guidelines, major issues and dangers in the land advertise in China. The advisors likewise broke down various online stages for existing REITs in China and gathered significant data about their strategies, expenses, and installment techniques. Moreover, the exploration group revealed potential accomplices in China just as other remote organizations having a comparable plan of action as Daxue’s customer.

Consequently, as a subsequent stage, Daxue’s examination group executed purported keen calls or secret calls. The advisors professed to be keen on the administration and could, thusly, increase important experiences into their business tasks and their future desires.

As to help just as to supplement the accumulated information, the examination group at last led top to bottom meetings. The discourse with significant specialists –, for example, the executive of Chinas state organization of remote trade and the appointee legislative leader of the general population’s bank of China – acquired satisfactory learning about prerequisites in the land advertise in China. Thusly, Daxue Consulting could check if the customer qualifies.

Daxue’s advisors proclaimed the current just as the future alternatives the customer has

Daxue Consulting cross-broke down the assembled information and afterward arranged the discoveries including significant exhortation. The thorough report included present moment just as long haul desires in the land advertise in China. It contained present and future legitimate perspectives, a point by point clarification of the enlisting procedure and the costs included, major issues and constraints. Likewise, the examination group arranged a mapping of existing REITs and their procedures and prospects, just as the positioning of potential accomplices in China. Moreover, Daxue Consulting explained the alternatives the customer had, developing because of evolving enactment, and exhibited which various arrangements involve what preferences and what dangers.


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Hampstead: A Green and Pleasant Borough near the Centre of London

Hampstead is one of London’s best known residential district and is a highly sought-after prime London location, desired by families, entrepreneurs and the rich and famous alike.

Often referred to as Hampstead Village, cobbled and winding streets offer something quite distinctive. Steeped in culture, it has more than 60 blue plaques recognising some of Hampstead’s, and indeed London’s, most illustrious residents.

Properties to suit all tastes

A desirable location, Hampstead is one of the most expensive areas of London, but there is an exciting choice of properties from expansive mansions to period cottages of Victorian, Georgian and modern architecture to choose from, depending on taste and budget.

A well-connected village

Underground and above ground trains service Hampstead, providing excellent connections to the rest of London and beyond. There are also good bus services to destinations that include Trafalgar Square, Kings Cross and Waterloo. What’s really special about this location is how the village feel has been preserved, offering a real opportunity to escape the fast pace of the surrounding city, with many surrounding open spaces in which to take time out, even though it’s located just four miles north of central London.

Health and wellbeing

You can’t talk about Hampstead without mentioning Hampstead Heath, 791 acres of parkland, woods, meadows and ponds for open-air swimming. The Heath also boast Kenwood House, a 17th Century stately home with gardens and cafes to be explored. Whether this is space to relax in and enjoy or use to enhance your active lifestyle, its high vantage point provides beautiful views across London.

Just as beautiful as the open green spaces are the characterful streets around Hampstead High Street. With stylish and exciting boutique shops set alongside some of the best high street brands, you can shop til your heart’s content for fashion, art, antiques and more.

You’ll also be spoilt for choice whether you decide to eat in or dine out. Quality, independent food retailers such as fishmongers, bakers and butchers cater for the foodie, but when it’s time to eat out, exciting cafés, restaurants and stylish pubs are among some of London’s finest and all within walking distance.

Hampstead residents are also spoilt for choice with schools, both private and state. Many popular preparatory, primary and secondary schools are here, including The Maria Montessori School, UCS for Boys and Hampstead High School for girls.

If you want something that little bit different and exclusive, then it’s time to explore Hampstead.

Aston Chase Estate Agents

Aston Chase Estate Agents are London based estate agents who are both sales and letting agents with specialist knowledge of Hampstead and north London.

Our handpicked, experienced team have built a reputation for professionalism and trustworthiness through their in-depth knowledge and expertise in their specialist sector of the industry, and our reputation and client service are very important to us.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how we may help you with your property matters.